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The John C. Freeman Weather Museum

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The John C. Freeman Weather Museum

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About The John C. Freeman Weather Museum

Permanent exhibits include: - A simulated weather broadcasting "studio" where you can stand in front of a green screen and camera to record your own weather forecast. -Climates of the World room featuring rain forest and desert terrariums with a collection of salamanders, frogs, and lizards. - An area devoted to meteorological history where you can understand and learn about the history of meteorology by seeing how weather forecasting techniques have changed throughout the years. - A 3-D digital weather sphere (the only one of its kind in Texas) used to view and explore images of Earth, satellite loops of past hurricane seasons, plate tectonics, satellite tracking, solar system, and much more! - A tornado chamber of a simulated tornado vortex that you can touch. - Weather Wizard Corner where you can see experiments performed by meteorologists demonstrating pressure, temperature, and wind. - Hurricanes, Cyclones, & Typhoons exhibit where you can view satellite and radar images of tropical storms and hurricanes that have affected the Gulf Coast and also find out where the storm surge would go along the upper Texas Coast with a Category 5 hurricane. The John C. Freeman Weather Museum, the first and only museum of its kind in the nation, opened its doors in April of 2006 in the Houston Museum District to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Founded and operated by meteorologists, the Weather Museum is a project of Weather Research Center, a Houston, Texas based non-profit educational and research organization, whose goal is to reach as many people as possible and educate them about weather and weather safety as well as make them weatherwise. In-depth guided group tours by appointment are available. The museum also offers weather camps, weather labs, scout merit badge classes, weather talks, and teacher workshops throughout the year.

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